Year 6/7 Transition Workers

It has been identified that a number of Year 6 Primary school pupils may have difficulties for a range of reasons with the move into Secondary school provision.  In order to assist these pupils with their transition into their new school the ESC staff have developed a transition programme which can be delivered by ESC and school staff.

This transition programme is called Let’s Move Forward.  Click on the link to download the full programme: Let’s Move Forward

The programme which is delivered by a specific transition worker is delivered to small groups of pupils in year 6.  DSPL funds two year 6/ 7 transition workers. These pupils will have been identified by their schools as having potential difficulties in settling into their new school.  The programme covers a range of issues for example organisation, making friends, following the rules, etc.  In preparation for the move, an additional visit to the new school is also arranged for a date in June prior to the Stevenage transition day at the beginning of July.

The programme also includes introductory sessions for parents.