Expected supported from every primary school in order to access support from Tier 2-5.

Intended outcome: The Class Teacher and staff will use strategies within the classroom and for the playground in order to enable the child to function successfully during the school day.

* All Primary schools will identify a named Behaviour Lead.

* The Behaviour and Mental Health Champion is an experienced member of staff – qualified teacher or HLTA, SENCO.

* The Behaviour Lead will support their colleagues with observation, advice and strategies. They will review progress and keep records.

* All primary schools will have a clear behaviour policy, provide induction for stakeholders, have a clear communication system between home and school, train staff in de-escalation, provide in house support and CPD and offer pastoral and family support work.

* It is expected that the leadership of the school will support new staff with general behaviour management strategies.

* The Behaviour and Mental Health Champion will observe and record any support/interventions to inform future referrals.

Expected from schools for Tier 1:

* Behaviour management plan.

* Individualised planning – reasonable adjustments made.

* Evidence of strategies used and impact. Include strategies that did not work.

* Sustained engagement with parents, carers.

* Engagement with external professionals.

* Clear chronology and records kept.

* Clear baseline assessment of needs – Boxall etc.