The Willow Centre

What does Tier 4 provision look like?

A short term intervention of approximately 12-16 weeks to designed to enable children to develop the skills they need to succeed in a mainstream setting.

The Willow Centre provides a therapeutic learning environment and a curriculum which is tailored to meet the needs of each individual child.

Each child is assigned a ‘key worker’ who will work with them, their family and their school in order to facilitate a successful transition back to mainstream.

Where it is recommended that a mainstream setting is not suitable, alternative settings will be consulted.

What is expected from schools?

As with Tier 3 support, communication is vital to the success of the provision.

Before the child begins attending The Willow Centre, the Provision Lead will meet with staff to get an overview of the child’s learning experience to date.

During their time at The Willow Centre, children will be encouraged to communicate with their school by, for example, emailing photos of work they have completed to their class teacher.

As the child’s time at The Willow Centre comes to an end, the child’s key worker will meet with school and begin transition arrangements. These arrangements will look different for each child.

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