What are the key issues in your DSPL area, and where is the evidence to support this? What do you want to achieve? What will you do, and what resources will you use to achieve this?
Long Term strategic planning, such as reshaping services, enhancing provision and filling gaps
Unmet needs for pupils with speech and language difficulties (Survey Monkey feedback, ENF applications). •  Increase capacity of services for children with S&L needs and enable them to have their needs met
•  Actively engage and access specialist provision already within DSPL2
•  Early identification intervention locally
•  Support for families
•  Settings have increased knowledge/skills and capacity to provide high quality provision.
• Create shared CPD approach for settings to share good practice using the strategic funding to enhance expertise across DSPL2.
• Speech & Language bases, The Giles and Round Diamond to develop outreach provision.
• Continue to offer Elklan training to DSPL 2 schools and Early Years settings – £150 per person (DSPL has funded).
• WELCOM resources and the training offered to Early Years settings – £1000 per training session, £2000 per year.
Short Term projects/ local initiatives, such as training, communication and support for parents
• Offer network group meetings for ELKLAN Champions.
• WELLCOMM screening rolled out to more settings.
• Provide CPD opportunities for all settings to have an Elklan trained member of staff
• Explore role of S&L bases and outreach that could be provided for schools. 
• DSPL 2 stakeholders are aware of support offered by bases.
• Champions share impact, challenges and resulting good practice with each other and settings.
• Early identification and support in settings to develop S&L skills.
• Parents feel supported and informed in how to support their child.
• Increased skills and confidence of staff and parents with the range of services provided to support speech and language development.
• Some DSPL 2 schools are accreditated as Communication Friendly schools.
• Purchase further WELLCOMM resources for EY settings – £300 each. Wellcomm training for Early years settings – £500 per training session, 1 year year.
• DSPL 2 pay for ELKLAN training – £6000 per year both for EY and Primary.
• Consider funding for Communication Friendly accreditation for schools.