What are the key issues in your DSPL area, and where is the evidence to support this? What do you want to achieve? What will you do, and what resources will you use to achieve this?
Leadership and Management
Engagement from all settings in DSPL 2. • Increased skills and confidence of staff
• Development of networks of shared practice
• Improved outcomes for young people
• Networking of Stevenage staff to support local provision
Feedback from members of various groups such as DSPL 2 SENCO Forums, CPD meetings.
Venue for SENCo meetings and refreshments – £3000.
Long Term strategic planning, such as reshaping services, enhancing provision and filling gaps
1) Review Primary Behaviour across Stevenage. A facility within Stevenage to support children at a primary level who are at risk of Permanent exclusion. Behaviour review group meet regularly to identify local provision and achieve a primary behaviour service in Stevenage. Resource used well in Stevenage. Set up a tiered approach to responding to behaviour in DSPL 2. All DSPL 2 setting aware of utilise tiered approach in schools and settings.
2) All schools in DSPL 2 advised to complete the SEND benchmarking tool. Discussions and support offered during SENCo forum to complete the tool. DSPL manager/ SEND area lead to promote benchmarking tool. SENCo forum to support settings to write the Benchmarking tool. Schools in DSPL 2 to attend the training. DSPL manager to collate the paperwork to identify local need.
3) Outreach provision monitored through DSPL 2. Liaise closely with Greenside school to monitor the impact of Outreach provision. DSPL manager to monitor the impact of Outreach provision in Stevenage.
4) DSPL area manager in post and Area SEND lead role in place. DSPL manager and area SEND lead to lead local provision within Stevenage. DSPL manager will visit settings and encourage all settings and schools to engage in the provision. DSPL manager and lead school accountable for money and spend, strengthening local provision for SEND.
Short Term projects/ local initiatives, such as training, communication and support for parents
Engagement with Stakeholders
1a) Parent & Carers • Annual DSPL 2 Conference for parents and professionals with guest speakers
• Working parties, parent forums and parent coffee mornings offered for parents.
• Parent Workshops – 123 magic or similarExplore Families in Focus for parents of pupils with SEND.
£4000 conference expenses/year
b) Children & Young People • Engaging settings through local school partnerships, forums and steering groups
• Website used as a communication tool for all stakeholders.
Maintain website – £3000
c) Schools • Develop newsletter termly; encourage schools to complete the SEND benchmarking tool. Promote the Benchmarking toolkit and collate data from SENCOs. Complete Newsletter termly. Offer schools a Benchmarking toolkit workshop.