DSPL Strategic Plan
What are the key issues in your DSPL area, and where is the evidence to support this? What do you want to achieve? What will you do, and what resources will you use to achieve this?
Long Term strategic planning, such as reshaping services, enhancing provision and filling gaps
Significant number of primary children being permanently excluded and high number of fixed term exclusions compared to other areas.
Children presenting in schools with significant emotional and social difficulties and attachment difficulties. Indicated by low data on entry for EYFS profiles.
Increased amount of settings in DSPL 2 will be able to provide nurture principals to children and young people at points of transition. • Commission provider to continue training to provide ongoing support.
Short Term projects/ local initiatives, such as training, communication and support for parents
• Ensure funding for past projects to continue to develop provision.
• Ensure transition arrangements in place for Years 6/7 pupils
• Increase numbers of children supported through the years 6/7 transition
• Ensure transition arrangements and parental support in place for Nursery/Reception children
• Investigate the possibility of using the funding for Nurture group training for staff within the locality.
• Develop the role of transition workers across Stevenage.
• Supported transition in key ages
• Increased confidence of staff to support vulnerable pupils.
• Increased awareness of Attachment theory.
• Necessary intervention to support pupils with SEMH.
• Employ 2 new Year 6/7 transition workers for Stevenage ESC (£25,000)
• Employ 2 Early Years Transition workers to be employed by Stevenage North and South Children’s Centres (£27,000). The Early Years transition workers are contracted and funded until 31st July 2018. The transition workers also work in the 6 weeks summer holiday.
• Stevenage ESC to deliver systemic support for primary school across DSPL 2 in social skills/circle time – training cost £220
• Investigate the possibility of using the Nurture funding to fund ‘The theory and practice of Nurture groups’ training for staff within the locality. This is a 3 day course at a cost of £560 +VAT.