What have you produced or delivered? What has changed in your DSPL area? What have you achieved? What are your next steps?
Leadership and Management
Developed a shared CPD approach across Stevenage for teachers where schools lead and share areas of expertise. Increased skills and confidence of staff in a range of curriculum areas.

Developed networks of shared practice.

Improved outcomes for young people.

Stevenage staff now networking to support local provision.

DSPL 2 SENCo forum. SENCo’s in DSPL 2 kept informed about how high needs funding is meeting the needs of children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) as well as strategic developments with aims to outcomes for CYP.
Developed the DSPL 2 website to inform stakeholders about recent developments.

Share with SENCo’s about how we can review impact of training funded through DSPL 2. Continue to keep SENCos informed about developments across DSPL 2. Monitor impact of Outreach provision. Develop Tier 2 section of the website and inform all stakeholders about the DSPL 2 behaviour service.
Set up ASD leads forum, well attended. All settings using AET tool to highlight strengths and weakenessses and use planning tool to identify need for the future. Developed shared practice for Autism. Professionals and parents more equipped to support children and young people with Communication and Interaction Needs. Attended by 165 parents and professionals. Impact evidenced in Evaluation forms.
Improved outcomes for young people.
Consider running another conference for parents and professionals with a mental health focus. Continue to run ‘Good practice Autism group’. Set up Autism review group to develop the Autism improvement plan.
Promoted AET traning to schools. Increased skills and confidence of staff to support pupils with ASD. AET Level 1 training rolled out to all Stevenage schools. Consider devloping and running ‘mop up’ sessions for schools that need it. Offer this to all DSPL 2 schools.
Coordinate the impact of the project and begin looking at Level 1 AET training for all schools in DSPl 2.
Offered Speech and Language, Elklan training (40 settings) and Early Years Elklan training (20 settings). Developed staff expertise and increased staff within the locality that are ELKLAN trained. Ensure that a member of staff in each setting or school is ELKLAN trained. Review impact of ELKLAN training at the SENCo forum. Review EYFSP scores in Communication and Language to see impact of training. Work alongside the SLCN lead to promote the Communication Friendly schools.
Behaviour and Alternative Provision
Set up the GLAS Mental Health pilot. Tiered approach for schools to RAG need and apply for therapuetic support from Chris Lodder. 22 vulnerable CYP and families accessed this targeted support. Continue to disseminate this to DSPL 2 settings. Set up a panel with Chris Lodder to review applications for support and allocate cases to ensure equitable across Stevenage schools. Set up parent forum for local parents to access support.
Supported KS4 and Post 16 provision across DSPL 2 and progression routes for vulnerable and ‘at risk’ young people, eg the ‘Level 2 Stevenage 6th’ programme. Improved Post 16 offer and advice for the identified group of young people

Students enrol on appropriate courses and/ or remain in employment.

Ensure that these projects support other vulnerable post 16 students across the DSPL area.
Long Term
Short Term
Employed the Early Years and Year 6/7 Transition workers
Developed the roles of the Transition workers across Stevenage.
Improved transition for targeted group of children across Stevenage – evidenced in impact reports from both The Childrens Centre as well as the ESC. These evidence the number of families that have been supported, how many CAF/ TAF meetings have been attended as well as how referrals to others professionals have been made. The reports evidence the number of CYP that have transitioned successfully into Primary and Secondary schools. Look at possibility of Outreach workers running intervention groups for vulnerable pupils throughout the year.
Engagement with Stakeholders
a) Parent & Carers Increased engagement with parents and carers through setting up the DSPL SPACE forum. Increased parent representation on the board. Need to set up a parent forum group for DSPL 2. Consider funding Families in Focus training for parents to respond to local need.
b) Children & Young People Increased engagement of pupils through various local projects, including GLAS. Need to get some children and young people feedback on local projects.
c) Schools/ Settings Increased number of schools/ setting engaging with DSPL 2 SENCO forum etc and aware of local projects and how to refer to services. Need to increase engagement from early years and FE settings.
d) Other