Behaviour and SEMH


What are the key issues in your DSPL area, and where is the evidence to support this? What do you want to achieve? What will you do, and what resources will you use to achieve this?
Behaviour and Alternative provision
Countywide Action Plan for DSPL areas:
1.1) The tiered approach to behaviour will be developed in each DSPL area.
1.2) New commissioning arrangmenents will be developed in each DSPL area.
1.3) Each DSPL area will ensure that a clear entitlement pathway is created for those children who experience behaviour difficulties in schools and settings.
1.4) Each DSPL area will ensure that suitable full time provision is created for those children who are permanently excluded from school.
1.5) A high needs behaviour support service will be commissioned in each DSPL area.
1.6) A review of secondary behaviour support/ alternative Provision capacity and allocation arrangements will be carried out in each DSPL area.
1.7) Hertfordshire Steps will continue to be rolled out across each DSPL area as Hertfordshires preferred approach to behaviour management in schools and settings.
Long Term strategic planning, such as reshaping services, enhancing provision and filling gaps
• Significant number of primary children being permanently excluded and high number of fixed term exclusions compared to other areas.
• Lack of consistency in provision of behaviour services.
• Children presenting in schools with significant emotional and social difficulties and attachment difficulties. Indicated by low data on entry for EYFS profiles.
• Need to support vulnerable CYP at points of transition.
• Complete review of behaviour support provision across DSPL 2 (1.6).
• Tiered approach to behaviour support in each DSPL area (1.1).
• DSPL 2 to explore a suitable, full time provision is available for children who are permanently excluded from school (1.4).
• Reduction in the number of permanent exclusions and fixed term exclusions.
• Greater early intervention to support pupils with SEMH..
• Set up a new Behaviour base in Stevenage (1.4).
• Develop a tiered approach for Behaviour support in Stevenage – all schools and settings to access (1.1).
• Develop the role of transition workers across Stevenage.
• Ensure transition arrangements in place for Years 6/7 pupils.
• Increase numbers of children supported through the years 6/7 transition.
• Ensure transition arrangements and parental support in place for Nursery/Reception children.
• Increase numbers of pupils supported through the EYFS transition.
• Support transition across important key ages.
• Increase confidence of staff to support vulnerable pupils.
• Review primary behaviour provision (1.6). Set up and launch tiered services for schools to refer strategic support as well as individual support. Four hub schools to offer strategic support to schools, eg a key stage or year group.
• Develop action plan in consultation with all stakeholders (1.6).
• Implement consistent and responsive service – tiered provision (1.1).
• 2 Year 6/7 transition workers for Stevenage ESC (£29,157.24 per person) in post.
• 2 Early Years Transition workers to be employed by Stevenage North and South Children’s Centres (£38,237) in post. The Early Years transition workers are contracted and funded until 31st July 2018. The transition workers also work in the 6 weeks summer holiday.
• DSPL 2 fund Herts Steps training – £450 per school.
Unmet needs for pupils with behaviour needs. Settings request more support with children who present challenging needs (1.5). (Survey Monkey, PSB bases, Integration Panel). • Increased full time attendance for these children.
• Reduction in exclusions (fixed and permanent)
• Reduction in managed moves (unsupported)
• Increased % settings Herts Steps trained (1.7).
• Reduction % children educated outside DSPL 2 with BESD.
• Attend PSB behaviour panel meetings. Set up Tiered behaviour service and roll out to all schools. Inform all stakeholders through the website and SENCo forum’s. Schools refer to the Tier 2 behaviour service. 4 hub schools support local schools through expertise.
Short Term projects/ local initiatives, such as training, communication and support for parents
• All settings in DSPL 2 to access Herts Steps training – DSPL 2 to fund £450 towards Herts Steps training for each school.
• Review Behaviour Support Provision across DSPL 2 (1.6).
• Tiered approach to behaviour support in each DSPL area (1.1).
• DSPL 2 to explore a suitable, full time provision is available for children who are permanently excluded from school (1.4).
• Increase awareness of roles and responsibilities for emotion, health and well-being (Mental Health).
• Post 16 NEATE project to build on success of last year.
• Need for KS4 provision for vulnerable students in danger of permanent exclusion in DSPL 2 (1.4).
• To begin CAMHS Mental Health training programme for all DSPL 2 schools. This will include Anxiety Awareness, Responding to Self harm, Everything you want to know about mental health, youth mental first aid. The training to be offered to a range of staff in school including SENCo’s, teachers, family support workers, TA’s, mental health leads etc.
• To continue with the local initiative – ACE Mental Health Pilot (GLAS ltd).
• Increase % settings Herts Steps trained (1.7).
• Transparency and access to provision for behaviour support in DSPL 2.
• Develop Mental Health provision including understanding local and national requirements.
• KS4 provision in Stevenage for vulnerable students – extend the KS3 provision already in place (KS4 currently in Hitchin).
• Protective Behaviours Courses, Level 1 and 2 offered to 44 schools in DSPL 2.
• Develop joint working model between CAMHs, schools and parents. Dissemeniate the CAMHs mental health training to all schools.
• Increased awareness, skills and confidence amongst staff to support pupils with SEMH.
Improve pupils mental health and wellbeing.
• Named mental health lead within school to coordinate.
• Review the impact of the GLAS mental health project. Trial the NESSIE project in DSPL 2 (£47,000) to meet the needs of SEMH. This will be a full time Counsellor that schools can make a referral to. My world and me intervention would be offered as part of the service. Staff supervision and parent forum would also be offered. This would be based on a school audut identifying needs.
• Currently no provision for part time KS4 ESC respite for pupils who are in mainstream schools. Launch Darwin project – KS4 provision at ESC to run in the afternoons. To support schools in ensuring students remain in mainstream provision while also providing alternative provision for 4 afternoons a week. 12 spaces to be offered and the programme will include both GCSE and vocational training (1.3, 1.4, 1.6).
Meet the needs of vulnerable pupils and families where there has been Domestic abuse.
• Behaviour Steering group to continue to review current provision across DSPL 2 (1.6).
• NEATE provision for vulnerable post 16 at Barnwell School for 20 students across DSPL 2 – £12,500.
• Back on Track programme for KS4 students (20 students) provided by Stevenage ESC – £11,000.
• Protective Behaviours Course Cost – 18 delegates – £1500. Level 2 training to be considered. Cost £3000.
• Staff in DSPL 2 to access Mental Health training delivered from the CAMHS transformation project.
• Stevenage Mental Health pilot (GLAS ltd) will support 11 cases (to include families) as well as a parent group. Funding allocated will be £23,100 per year. Review impact with board. Consider trialling the NESSIE project across DSPL 2 (£47,000). A Counsellor would be able to support vulnerable pupils across DSPL 2. Training – My World and me intervention will be offered to staff. This would be offered as part of the triage service through the behaviour service. This will be a trial for a year.
• Darwin Project will prepare students both academically and socially to enable them to access a positive learning experience throughout KS4 and beyond, 4 afternoons per week at Stevenage ESC. Darwin project – £6400.
• Level 2 Stevenage 6th project – £18,000 per year. Roll out the All About me project- a trial project with the Children’s Centre outreach workers that will support vulnerable primary age pupils who have been impacted by Domestic abuse. This project will also support families through running Families Feeling Safe training. Herts Steps invoices from DSPL 2. DSPL 2 to match fund training (£450 per school).