What are the key issues in your DSPL area, and where is the evidence to support this? What do you want to achieve? What will you do, and what resources will you use to achieve this?
Countywide Action Plan for DSPL areas:
1.1) Each DSPL area must set up an Autism review group. The autism review group must be responsible for developing an Autism Improvement plan for their DSPL area and individual schools.
1.2) The DSPL area (SEND lead) will develop an understanding of good practice and reasonable adjustments with the DSPL area, regarding supporting pupils with autism and their parent.
1.3) Each DSPL area will be responsible for promoting and implementing the Hertfordshire’s School Autism Lead Role/ Approach.
1.4) Promote the use of the Autism AET Standards and School Audit framework.
1.5) Promote the AET training approach and use of AET materials.
1.6) Each DSPL area will be responsible for monitoring the take up of AET training in their area, in conjunction with the county lead for autism.
Long Term strategic planning, such as reshaping services, enhancing provision and filling gaps
• Unmet needs for pupils with Autism. Insufficient capacity to meet need.
• Exclusions for young people with Autism.
• High levels of ENF funding for pupils with Autism.
• High number of settings request additional support (ENF cluster feedback)
• Parents lack confidence in mainstream provision for children with ASD.
• Staff need upskilling to manage the challenges of ASD in mainstream settings.
• Increase capacity of services for CYP with Autism and enable them to have their needs met.
• Implementation of the LA Autism Review 9 key recommendations.
• Zero permanent exclusions.
• Reduction in fixed term exclusions and reduction in managed moves.
• Increasing parental confidence in mainstream settings.
• Developing an ‘early warning response’ for pupils with ASD who are at risk of placement breakdown.
• Create shared CPD approach for settings to share good practice using strategic funding to enhance expertise across DSPL2 (1.2).
• Outreach to offer Autism support for children with Literacy or Maths difficulties.
• Promote AET training to all DSPL 2 settings.
Short Term projects/ local initiatives, such as training, communication and support for parents
• Local initiative – My Son is not Rainman – talk to parents and professionals by John Williams (11.05.17).
• Autism Lead for DSPL 2 in place.
•Need to set up an Autism review group (to include DSPL manager, SEND area lead, Primary, Secondary and Special school heads, teachers, SENCos, EP’s, advisory teachers, parents) (1.1).
• Need to set up an Autism Improvement plan (1.1).
• Schools in DSPL 2 working towards gaining AET accreditation – ‘Good Autism practise’ or Hertfordshire Quality mark (1.5).
• Upskill mainstream setting staff to deal with challenging behaviour and support pupils with ASD (1.2).
• All schools in DSPL 2 receive level 1 AET training. All ASD leads receive Tier 2 training (1.5). Senior leaders to have Tier 3 training.
•Review impact of AET training (1.6).
•ASD lead to look at change happening in settings (1.6).
•Autism review group in place (1.1).
•Autism improvement plan set up for DSPL area (1.1).
• ASD leads forum meet regularly to share good practice across DSPL 2 (1.2).
• Develop setting knowledge and expertise to respond to Autism needs (1.2).
• Increase confidence from school staff (1.2).
• Good practise for pupils with ASD consistent across local schools (1.2). Good practice ASD group set up.
• Audit (using AET audit) completed in Stevenage schools and principles for action identified (1.4).
• Increased numbers of schools completed the AET competency framework.
• Expertise and good practice shared across the district (1.2).
• Recommendations of the Autism review implemented in Stevenage schools (1.3).
• AET training rolled out and in place for all staff in schools in DSPL 2. (1.4).
•DSPL manager to monitor the take up of the AET training (1.6).
• DSPL manager to set up AET toolkit workshops. ASD leads meet half termly. DSPL 2 ASD lead to support schools to begin their Hertfordshire tracker tool. Budget for refreshments and training days: £500.